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Palm Desert is busy every day of the year, and the apartments in Palm Desert are just what you need to experience this incredible city. One of the treasures of the Coachella Valley is the number of centrally located palm desert vacation homes or apartments. Minutes from your hotel, there are a number of attractions in Palm Springs, including a variety of hiking, biking, nature watching and more, all within easy reach when booking your vacation at one of these centrally located, affordable and quality hotels and resorts.

There is a great mix of private and public courses in the best apartments Palm Desert has to offer. The breathtaking mountain views and picturesque views of the resort facilities it offers allow you more than just a few hours of hiking, biking and nature observation.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a Palm Desert property, which is an ideal base for relaxation after a long day of hiking, cycling or even a day at the golf course.

There are also hotels in Palm Desert that offer some of the best rates you will find competitive, and if you book your accommodation before you arrive, you will find options that suit you just fine. If one of your best friends happens to be a dog walker, we can help you book an apartment in the Palm Desert that has all the extras your dog needs for a wonderful stay. Leave your worries behind and let our team take care of all the details of your accommodation. Guests who have booked an apartment in Palm Desert can head to Palm Springs to enjoy all of these opportunities and the fun.

Life can be very expensive compared to other parts of the country, but most hotels offer very attractive rates and most offer free parking for your car.

If you don't want to drive, you can always hike in the desert, and if your love of nature is enhanced by visiting the famous Joshua Tree National Park, then you will appreciate the beautiful views of the Mojave Desert as well as the scenic beauty. Palm Desert has more to offer than just the beaches, but it has a long history of tourism and as a result guests of the Palm Desert enjoy a wide selection of restaurants, hotels, bars, restaurants and other amenities.

The main highway that serves the city is State Highway 111, which connects Palm Desert with Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino. If you are interested in one of the other desert cities, you can also go to Las Vegas. The main highways that serve the cities are State Highway 111, which connects Palm Desert with San Jose, Las Angeles and Los Alamos.

Routes 111, 32 and 53 serving the Central Palm Desert and surrounding region, as well as Interstate 5, Interstate 15, I-10 and Interstate 10.

The next street over is one of two casinos in the area; the other is in Palm Desert, and the next street across the street is the Palm Desert Hotel and Casino. One of the most popular ways to travel to the palm desert is to head south to the gold mining town of Julian and take state road 78. From there, you can follow StateRoute 86 south through the city of Palm Springs and into the desert north of the city.

The Palm Desert Hotel and Casino has 148 well-appointed rooms, all of which feature the most modern facilities. There are a variety of restaurants, a bar and a number of bars, as well as a restaurant and a hairdresser shop.

The Palm Desert is home to the Coachella Valley National Wildlife Refuge, which is bordered by the North Palm Desert and the South Palm Desert. The 28-unit is one of the best-kept secrets in the state of California and the only one in Southern California. South of this is Palm Valley State Park, the largest national park in California with more than 3,000 acres of land.

LA / Ontario International Airport (ONT) is the largest airport in Southern California and the second largest in the United States, with many other air connections. It is a short drive from Palm Desert and Los Angeles, and has many of the more flights and connections, but it is only about an hour and a half drive from the city.

The Palm Springs Unified School District serves the northernmost part of the Palm Desert. Elementary and middle schools are located in the sand, about an hour and a half north of the city and about two hours south of Los Angeles. Students can attend public and private schools, but also private and charter schools. Desert runs once - one hour a day - stopping in downtown Palm Desert and stopping at Desert Sun Casino, a downtown Desert Springs hotel and casino.

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More About Palm Desert