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As a major in performing arts, a diploma in music theatre will facilitate a possible career path, promote diversity and expand your skills in music, theatre, dance, film, music production and more. Along with the AA & T, CSB is an important component of many people currently working in music and theatre, so there is potential for career advancement.

Singers can join the Chamber Singers or Jazz Singers, and those interested in musical theatre can attend the McCallum Theatre's main production in the spring and the Pollock Theatre's autumn production. College of the Desert offers students the opportunity to earn a diploma in musical theatre and commercial music. The choir ensembles are conducted by Dr. Darlene Romano under the direction of Timothy Bruneau. Each semester, each ensemble presents a major concert, performs at universities and in the community, and completes a studio recording, which leads to a CD production every two years.

The Symphonic Band at the College of the Desert is conducted by Michael Fleischmann and performs as a wide range of symphonic musicians, frequently expanding its program. Students with a focus on jazz studies study improvisation and other elements of jazz performance in the context of their applied teaching. They participate in the Jazz Combos and the Jazz Band and acquire a comprehensive knowledge of jazz theory through the curriculum for music theory.

The College of the Desert's music theatre program provides students of all levels of experience with relevant, interdisciplinary training and provides serious students with a dedicated environment in which to play, study and practice their musical talents. Jazz studies at the School of Arts and Sciences, the music department at the College offers a wide range of experience to develop jazz musicians. This course of study enables students to explore the skills required for success in this area, understand professional ethics and prepare for a career as a professional jazz musician, composer, conductor, arranger, pianist or other musical instrumentalist in various musical genres such as classical, jazz, rock, pop, country, blues, folk, reggae, hip-hop, classical music, opera, theater, dance, film, drama, theater, comedy, musical theater and theater. In addition to jazz studies, it also offers students with a focus on jazz music theory extensive experience in other areas of music education.

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