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Residents of this popular Palm Springs hotel, located 34 miles east of San Francisco, enjoy an affordable, inclusive lifestyle. The divine desert landscape in LA's backyard is celebrated for its stunning flora, scenic views and beautiful beaches.

Residents of this popular Palm Springs hotel, located 34 miles east of San Francisco, enjoy an all-inclusive, affordable lifestyle. You can explore the desert, experience history up close - at historic sites, walk through the redwoods, observe wildlife, sail on the lake or just relax with family and friends.

For a more straightforward spa treatment and margaritas, visit one of the hotel's many spa treatments or visit a hot tub, massage or massage parlour. A weekend at Ace can be a stamina event or a party if you want to, but you have to stay somewhere else. For more, visit the all-in-one hotel - you can - stop in for a spa and massage experience or head to the Palm Springs Spa & Spa Resort for a few more no-frills spas, treatments, margaritas and more.

It is a no-frills retreat with well-appointed rooms, a pool, hot tubs, massage parlours and plenty of opportunities for an evening out.

It has been designed in a contemporary agricultural style and is under a sun - with a sky full of desert views and sunsets. With all the amenities and services offered in the municipality, you will feel like in your favorite resort. Located on a lively strip of Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Desert, California, just a few miles north of Los Angeles, this hotel is a great choice for those interested in being part of one of California's most popular West Coast vacation destinations.

The rooftop bar is also a highlight and a great place to enjoy the mountain views - damn it! Many Palm Springs hotels have rooftop pools, but at the Ritz you can see the Coachella Valley from your poolside seat. With the mountains looking down on you, you have the best view of the entire palm desert, as well as the rest of Southern California.

The record player and collection are free in every room during Orbitini Happy Hour, and if you are not a guest, you can relax by the pool all day long if you have one. The Ritz Palm Springs Hotel's rooftop pool and rooftop bar are a great place to grab lunch from local guests. Guests share a family meal with a beautiful vine - covered trellises for roasting or lying down in a sun lounger near the pool.

If you want to stay in a hotel designed by star architects but your budget is not quite on the level of L'Horizon, you can stay at William Cody. There are also Palm Desert hotels that offer good rates that you will find competitive. Restaurants at this resort offer breakfast only, and the Mexico City Taqueria offers live music throughout the day. Relax in the Lone Palm Bar and host a variety of events, including yoga classes, yoga and yoga sessions, as well as a live music night on the rooftop pool.

If you want to visit Palm Springs around the clock, don't forget the Palm Desert Hotels & Resorts Resort & Spa. This is one of the most popular hotels in Palm Desert California and features a full-service restaurant, bar and spa and fitness center. It is a great place for a day trip or a one-day stay or even a weekend trip, but there are also many other options, such as the on-site pool, spa, gym and spa.

With plenty of open space on the property, the Lautner area is also used as an event area and you can spend some time there. Other facilities include a fully equipped fitness centre, a full-service restaurant, a bar and spa, and flexible function rooms. A business center is available in If you need it, there is a heated swimming pool, a spa and fitness centre.

This family-friendly resort features a full-service restaurant, bar and wellness centre, as well as a fitness centre. Choose from one of the many options available at the Palm Desert California hotels, or choose from a variety of hotels in the area, such as the Palm Desert Rancho.

This 129-room hotel has 72 rooms, which include a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness centre, as well as a swimming pool and spa. The hotel's 129 rooms have balconies where you can browse and relax, while there is free Wi-Fi.

McBride Design's mission was to embody Margaritaville's focus on fun and escapism, combining the tropical aesthetic of the lifestyle and hospitality brand with a design inspired by the tropical landscape of the island's most popular tourist destinations. Architect William Cody designed the site for Hollywood A-lister Jack Wrather, who produced Lone Ranger and Lassie and opened the Queen Mary Disneyland Hotel. La Serena Villas is a perfectly curated sister of the Del Marcos Hotel, which is the gaudy sister of the vintage shopping scene. But the jewel in the crown is this two-story Jimmy Buffett Suite, which spans an astonishing 1.61 square feet.

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